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Next Generation Conservative Leaders



About Legacy PAC

President Trump exposed government corruption that has lead to the crippling of our nation, and he created the America First movement. Legacy PAC is here to hold the line and continue President Trump’s legacy with the next generation of Conservative leaders.

With your support, we can move mountains to support our America First candidates. Please donate to our movement.

Grassroots Engagement

True change cannot be accomplished without taking action. We are focused on using grassroots mobilization techniques to engage citizens and make communities across the United States more politically active.

Effective Execution

Legacy PAC has made great strides in supporting candidates dedicated to advancing America First  beliefs and aims. We have  had a considerable impact on local, state, and national elections, and have proven to be an influential and effective political force.

Tangible Goals

Our outreach program includes hosting candidate forums in cities across the Republic, working with local organizations to register new voters, and providing necessary information to the people about issues and candidates. 

Youth Engagement

The goal is to uplift a new generation of young conservatives and help the get involved in the electoral process. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment and inspire American Youth to contribute to the discussion. 

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