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Campaigns and Projects

During the midterm 2024 elections, the Legacy PAC team traveled to 17 states to support America First candidates. We teamed out with Real America's Voice and The John Fredericks Show for a multi-week election bus tour where we gave candidates the media and get-out-the-vote support they needed to win.


Legacy PAC was invited by Team Trump to Mar-A-Lago for Donald J. Trumps announcement for the 47th President of the United States. 

"It was an honor for us to be in the room with the president and first family, along with the country’s leaders in the conservative movement for this historic event. " said Angie Wong President of Legacy Pac. 

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Legacy PAC sponsored Team Trump Bus Tour alongside Veterans for Trump / Veterans for America First

Legacy Pac President Angie Wong along with Veterans For America First national spokesman Admiral Kubic rolled in to Virginia to join John Fredericks on the Bus Tour. Legacy PAC is committed to supporting the next generation of conservative leaders and hold the line for the legacy of President Trump.


Kari Lake’s attorney Bryan Blehm and Shelby Busch were interviewed  by Angie Wong and Stan Fitzgerald

Kari Lake’s attorney Bryan Blehm and Shelby Busch - Chairman at We the People AZ Alliance PAC interview with Angie Wong with Legacy PAC and Stan Fitzgerald with Veterans for Trump / Veterans for America First. 

The Legacy PAC's mission is to seek out political opportunities that will enable its members to fight for the conservative values that shape their communities. By hosting events, such as town hall meetings, and raising funds to support conservative candidates, the Legacy PAC is able to influence conservative policies in legislatures and in offices in Congress. Additionally, the Legacy PAC is devoted to upholding traditional values and constitutional principles.

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